Speech & Language Pathology

Speech & Language Pathology

Enhancing Communication and Swallowing Function

ChoiceCare Home Health’s Speech & Language Pathology Services are designed to help patients overcome communication and swallowing difficulties. Our skilled pathologists provide comprehensive assessments and individualized treatments to enhance speech, language, and cognitive functions, ensuring patients can communicate effectively and safely.

Featured Services

Specializing in Post CVA Speech and Language Disorders

We provide targeted therapy for patients recovering from strokes (CVA), focusing on restoring and improving speech and language abilities through specialized interventions.

Aural Rehab Treatment

Our aural rehabilitation services assist patients with hearing loss in developing effective communication strategies, enhancing their ability to interact and engage with others.

Cognitive Training

Cognitive training involves exercises and activities designed to improve memory, problem-solving skills, and overall cognitive function, supporting better daily living.

Dysphagia Treatment

We offer dysphagia treatment to help patients with swallowing difficulties, ensuring safe and effective eating and drinking through personalized therapy plans.

Language Disorder

Our language disorder treatments focus on improving patients' ability to understand and use language, enhancing communication skills and social interactions.

Non-Oral Communication

We provide training in non-oral communication methods, such as sign language and communication devices, to support patients who are unable to speak.

Voice Disorder Treatment

We offer specialized voice disorder treatments to improve vocal quality, pitch, and volume, ensuring patients can speak clearly and confidently.

Speech Articulation Disorder

We address speech articulation disorders through exercises and techniques designed to improve clarity and pronunciation, ensuring more effective communication.

Visual Perception Treatment

Our visual perception treatments help patients interpret and respond to visual information accurately, enhancing overall cognitive and motor skills.